Every antique that tuka finds tells the stories of the peoples who lived their everyday lives among these pieces of furniture. Like a visual scrapbook, the character on every bench, table and cupboard speaks of ladies making fresh butter in old farmhouse kitchens or men processing meat to sell at the village markets. The tales of boys playing hide-and-go-seek and little girls pouring imaginary tea into grandma’s old porcelain tea sets are found in every scratch and bump that is so beautifully engraved in every furniture piece.

Sibling owners Jaco and Theresa were brought up in Namibia and together with their love for family and taste for interior design they are able to fill tuka’s line with furniture that speaks of the same sentimental and nostalgic qualities. Adding a trendy edge to their work transforms old worn out pieces of wooden-some things to feature pieces that bring life to any room, creating that old romantic and classical feeling that we often only find when dreaming about ‘old times’ years ago.

Tuka can be summed up and compared to that old photograph found in an ancient box in the attic: Perfect in touching your heart, Precious in incomparable value and Priceless in its historical uniqueness and everlasting ambience. 

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